Software Development Services

2Hippo designs, develops and hosts web and desktop software. Our team has worked together for many years over many projects, and has developed a network of specialist providers that can work together to deliver solutions for your business.

2Hippo can help you with the simplest web page designs, through to complex business applications. We will work with you to design the best solution for your needs, and look for ways to reduce costs and save time by integrating products we have developed, over the years so you donít have to.

If you want a quality solution, delivered on time and budget, then why not contact us to discuss your needs.


Message Exchange

2Hippo provides a 'one stop shop' for sending and receiving all forms of messages, SMS, email, fax, letters (yes, letters via Australia Post) and secure data or documents. We manage message delivery and recipient tracking for all messages, all through the one system.

Our integrated billing system manages all invoicing for your clients, including messaging fees, and any one time or recurring (subscription) fee. Our fees are competitive for all message types, and resellers are welcome.

You can choose to use our ME Lite/Complete desktop applications, or connect via our web service (soap) interface. Whichever method you choose, you can opt to brand the product as yours. You will get your messaging services online faster and easier using 2Hippoís Message Exchange.

Mobile Phone Services

2Hippo mobile services allow you to stay connected with your team or clients.

Mobile web applications so you can access business information while mobile.

Two way SMS to send and receive responses from team members and clients

'Sync' updates to your phone calendar, contact list, or custom applications.

If you are looking for ways to get your business moving so you can streamline how you your business operates, contact 2Hippo and we will get you connected.

Digital Pen and Paper

Business processes require forms to be completed, and processing paper takes time and costs money. Sure, you can fill out some details on a PDA or mobile phone, but to make it quick and easy for your team, digital paper can be a great solutiuon.

2Hippo has developed a range of business applications that utilise digital paper to simplify data collection: job cards, parts ordering, client contact forms, or any form of data collection. By integrating digital paper into your business you will.

Help Desk

2Hippo Help Desk Manager manages the support requests from your clients. We built this to help our clients that needed a way to track requests, allocate tasks, and keep clients/users informed. Help Desk Manager can be implemented into any application. Itís a simple to use, entry level help desk management tool designed for small businesses.

Application Hosting

2Hippo provides web application, email and database hosting at its state of the art hosting facilities in Sydney and Melbourne.

Free Software

Save time and money by not reinventing the wheel

Get access to FREE software for use in your project.
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